Hiking in Burma Myanmar

For our customers who enjoy hiking, we can recommend the following regions:

  • Inle Lake
  • Pindaya
  • Kalaw
  • Thibaw-Lashio
  • Kyeintong
  • Popa
  • Chin Village

Trekking at Inle Lake

Trekking around Lake Inle is recommended for travelers who enjoy walking and nature. It is easy to integrate into the conventional circuit, it does not require additional days, and the price is very competitive. There are programs from 1 to 3 days. Trekking one day (visit the Pa O villages on a lake)

Walk two days: From Kakku to Inle Lake, you will have the opportunity to see the ancient pagodas of the Pa O and meet with tribal members in traditional dress and experience their culture. For this second part, the trekking is quite difficult and requires good physical condition.

Trekking in the Kalaw area

Kalaw is known for its temperate climate and beautiful pine forests. Close to the route of the Inle Lake an extension is possible, and the cost will not greatly increase the total trip cost.

Trekking can be done within one or two days. You can see the Palaung ethnic groups in their traditional costumes of red velvet or dark green with silver rings. These ethnic groups make a living mainly by the cultivation of tea. Some still live in traditional longhouses inhabited by several families. You will also see plantations of oranges, terraced rice fields, crops of wheat and tea. Trekking for two days: Go from Kalaw to Inle Lake with a night in a monastery or in private homes. You can visit the villages and plantations of Pa O. There is also three day trekking from Kalaw to Pindaya (town of ethnic Danu). Two nights must be spent in monasteries. Different plantations such as wheat, cabbage and cauliflower give the impression of being in a painting. November, December, and January are the best months for this trek.

Trekking in the region of Pindaya

Pindaya is one of the most charming cities in Burma with beautiful scenery. The promenade in the Pindaya area is very pleasant, thanks to its climate and its stunning views of the plantations and mountains. Ethnic Palaung, Pao, Danu, TaungYoo and Shan live in this region. “Adorable Myanmar” can organize a day trip or three-day trek to go to Kalaw.

Trekking in the region of Kyaingtong (Golden Triangle)

The most beautiful Trekking in Myanmar. Trekking in the remote villages of Kyeintong is the most authentic option among the popular treks in Burma. The trip is expensive because domestic flights are required to reach Kyeintong as the roads are impassable. It takes at least four days (including the flight) for this excursion. The benefits of that trek include:

  1. Meeting people of several ethnic groups in their traditional costume. You will visit villages of the Akha, Akhi, Ann, Lahu, Palaung, and Wa.
  2. The trek is not too strenuous or tiring, due to the pleasant climate and because part of the journey must be made by car.
  3. The landscape is beautiful and green with many forests.
  4. Comfortable nights spent in hotels.

Trekking in the region of northern Shan State (Thibaw, Lashio)

This trek is recommended for customers who love nature and enjoy observing local ethnic lifestyles. It is very exotic because there are few tourists. The natural surroundings are very beautiful, with mountains and rivers. After a one-day trek, you will spend the night in a small accommodation at Thibaw. The next morning, you can reach Lashio by road, which is also a nice destination for trekking. For this walk, we must start from Mandalay by car and after a two-hour drive you get to PyinOoLwin. It was the summer resort of the British, known for its climate and its wild and cultivated flowers. It is advisable to take the train to Maymyo Thibaw. After hiking Thibaw and Lashio, spend a night at Maymyo to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Trekking at Mount Popa

Doing a half-day trek in the region of Mount Popa is a wonderful option for those who love nature and trees of different species. Rainforests fertilized by the lava of the extinct volcano are protected. The area is inhabited by small wild animals such as rabbits, cats, and deer.

Hiking in Ethnic Chin

Walk four or five days

Accessible only by four by fours or jeeps due to bad roads. The starting point is the city of Bagan. It takes one day to get there, one day to return, and two days to see ethnic Chin, birds, and butterflies.

Mount Victoria

Trek five days. Very challenging trek with steep hills. For athletic trekkers only.


Depart from Bagan. Four days of trekking. Kampalat is a city located 1,520 m above sea-level. It has a cool climate, and is inhabited by the Chin with tattooed faces who will perform traditional dances to the sound of bamboo flutes. On the way back, you can visit the Pontaung Ponni mountains and the excavation sites of terrestrial and marine fossils dating back more than 50 million years.

Some information,

You will stay in a home or monastery. Mosquito nets, pillows, and blankets provided by << Adorable Myanmar >>
Food : simple meals provided by Adorable Myanmar.
Recommended Season : Late October to late February to avoid rain and heat.
Equipment : sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, flashlight, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, medicine, backpack, sweaters, good shoes, toothpaste and toothbrush.

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