Letters from travelers

Having known Miss Theint as a French speaking guide during a previous trip to Myanmar, I made the choice to leave in February 2011 through the travel agency “ADORABLE MYANMAR”, which this nice Burmese lady runs with her sister.

It is a choice that I do not regret, and on the contrary, I recommend this agency to future travelers in this beautiful country.

– the absence of intermediaries

– Welcome by these two nice and beautiful Burmese

– A very good organization, down to the last detail: Hotels, Restaurants, Internal travel, aircraft-boat – Cars etc …

In-depth site visits with professional guides to listen to your needs and wants.

If you want to visit Myanmar (Burma), with all its authenticity, its past, its temples, its landscapes, and its many ethnic groups, I do not hesitate to recommend this agency, which has given us complete satisfaction.

Agnès Veillerot and her family


Back in France, Marie and I would like to thank you, the Adorable Myanmar agency, for this fabulous trip that you organized for the second time.

The first was already a delight, and you worked very hard for us.

First of all in the choice of hotels, which were just wonderful, even the one in the north of the country was very good, always clean, people with friendly and very professional reception who were always listening to their customers.

Tourist sites were filled with beauty, and the visit with ethnic groups was for us a moment of great emotion, and you allowed us to experience exceptional meetings with a lot of respect.

Car trips around the country, where we admired the beauty and diversity of the landscapes.

The week of rest in Ngapali, I confess that there you have worked very hard – the sumptuous hotel, the wonderful beach, the small extraordinary restaurants were all wonderful.

Thanks again for organizing this trip, I hope to come back next year so that the wonder continues with your agency.

See you soon,

Marie and Bertrand MOREAU(2010)

Hello Theint!

This little word to thank you for this beautiful trip made in Myanmar, thanks to Adorable Myanmar. We were very happy with the welcome, guides, travel, the final meal, facilities offered, etc. The guides of Bagan and Inle Lake were particularly nice.

If you or your sister have the opportunity to come to Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact us, we will receive you with pleasure! Cordially,

Geneviève Prady

Dear Kyithiar,

We begin to find our rhythm of life in France after this wonderful stay of 15 days which was for us, our first discovery of Asia! We returned enchanted by so much beauty, cultural wealth, and the discovery of Buddhism. We will keep very nice memories that have been shared with our friends, and we would like to thank you very much for the quality of your services and your professionalism. With our best memory and all our friendship,

Brigitte and Raymond Despax

Hello to the two lovely sisters from Myanmar. Your admirers are now at the end of our trip but our memories of Myanmar are unforgettable, thanks to you. Thank you very much for the kind welcome from Theint, who took good care of us during these unforgettable eighteen days. I warmly recommend you and the backpacker guide on the internet, and I hope that the tourists will flock to you en masse for the season to come. We believe in you because you deserve it for your professionalism and your kindness. We will continue to make you to known to our many friends in France.

See you soon, and again, thanks for everything.

Amities and affections,

Michele and Fernand WEIMANN

Dear Adorable,

No it’s not a mail claim, last minute hotel change, or flight ….. but a thank you email for the organization of our stay. It is already a week since we returned to France, and work takes over again, but the good times spent with Nan and our many photos give us heart. Burma has really seduced us, and your agency is really there for many. With all our friendship, we thank you again.

Joëlle and Emmanuel Gibert

We are a group of nine friends who decided to visit Myanmar in November 2012. Back in France after 19 days spent in the company of Khytar, we could appreciate their professionalism, their availability, the material organization (buses, boats, inland planes) which fully respected the program we had determined together. We were seduced by the spirit of initiative that allowed us to discover unusual sites that were not planned in the program. The quality of the hotel and restaurant services were up to our expectations. You can arrange your trip with confidence with Adorable Myanmar, and I am at your disposal to give you additional information that you would need.


Good evening Theint,

My friends join me in telling you how wonderful our time in Myanmar has been, and thank you for your excellent organization.

We were delighted to discover your country in all its diversity. Difficult to choose a top 10, because each region is so different and each is beautiful.

Thank you for your kindness, and kindness for our health concerns. Count on us to make good press for your agency upon our return to France.

Tonight we arrived in Thailand and we finish our stay by the sea. Thanks again!!!!


Martine and Jean Louis Baumann

We wanted to know your country. Your listening, your patience with us, your responsiveness to all our questions have helped us set up a custom circuit. We are three couples of friends and you perfectly understood what our desires were. The hotels that you had booked for us exactly matched our request. With discretion and perfect efficiency, you ensured a seamless stewardship that allowed us to immerse ourselves right away in the atmosphere of your country. We had great encounters, went off the beaten path, saw amazing places, exceptional sites, played and laughed with the children, we mingled with the people, on foot, by bike, in a carriage and all that at our pace. Our last night with Kyithar delighted us. In the opinion of all, thanks to you, this exceptional trip will remain one of our most beautiful memories. Thank you so much.

Jean-Louis and Arm Claudette

Travel December 2012

Hello Kyithar, Many thanks to Kyithar and the organization of her team; we have discovered a fabulous country.

Everything was perfect, the choice of sites to discover, hotels, the guide, etc.

I hope that many people will also trust you, because they will not be disappointed.


Sandrine SEMROUD

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