Balloon Ride In Bagan (Burma/ Myanmar)


flying over one of the finest and most impressive archeological sites in the world, like a bird hovering over thousands of temples dating from the 11th century, with the sun setting behind the mountains above the beauty of the mighty Irrawaddy River.

A hot air balloon ride over Bagan offers this unique opportunity to view Bagan as it has never been seen before. When the wind does not exceed 20 km/h, the balloons rise slowly to allow you to enjoy this magical site.

All the balloons are manufactured by the Cameron Ball company, renowned for its reliability and use of high-quality material. All pilots and technicians have been trained in England. There are two possible flights a day (at sunrise and sunset) offered only during the tourist season (October to late March). Balloon Over Bagan also offers amazing balloon rides over Inle Lake.

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